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The beautycounter mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone while educating about the importance of what goes "on" us as well as "in" us. We are making big change, check out why and how!

Here is the story of how I got involved...

My friend Lynn Cooper gave me some products to try out in the beginning of June 2014. She told me that it has the strictest list of ingredients to "never" use of anything on the market today. Of course I have an interest in the fact that the stuff I've been slathering all over my skin, (my largest organ) probably has some harmful toxins. However, I'm so insanely into beauty products of all kinds that when I like something I may not really care that there may be yucky stuff in them, particularly when I pay top dollar for stuff that proclaims being "all natural", "organic", or "safe". So I figured I'd try it, why not? As I said, I have a sort of "problem" with products of the beauty, skin care, lotion, etc...

Ok, this line is so amazing that I'd probably use it if it WERE harmful! However, these products are safe and high performing beyond compare of anything on the market to date. I've used everything in the line and am beyond in love with the results of all of them.

My skin is looking so much better that I'm constantly being asked what I'm doing to make it look so great, luminous, fresh, and vibrant, (their words) and I can only attribute it to this line of amazing products.

So, here's the thing, I'm thrilled to be selling it now because I believe in it so much and want you to know about it too!

I'm laughing at myself now at how I told my friend that gave me this to try back in 2014, "Yeah but I use a certain hair product that I don't wanna change" "But I use a particular body wash" "But I like my body lotion" Pffft, none of the stuff I was using holds a candle to what you'll find here, my hair also looks and feels amazing. I'm mainly digging the fact that my scalp issues and upper arm skin issues are now GONE.

Have a look at our "Never List" and then have a look at the ingredients of some of your products to see if maybe some of your "all natural, safe, or organic" products have any of these ingredients known to be toxic. Our Never List is a real eye-opener.

I also invite you to download a very cool free app called Skin Deep. It's from the Environmental Working Group and it rates products 0-10 with 0 the safest and 10 the most dangerous, anything over a 3 being something you probably don't want to use for the dangerous known cancer causing toxins, hormone interrupters, and allergy issues, etc. I was devastated and quite mad that my "so called" all natural, organic,(expensive) eye cream I loved was an 8!!  Note that when a product is not listed it's usually because they're not divulging the ingredients, hmmm.  This is also a good way to feel good about the products you currently use if they rate below a 3, by all means, keep using what you love too!

I've always got some bags put together with some faves to try out for a few days if you like, just let me know and I'll hook you up!

Contact me with any questions, if I don't know, I'll find it out!